Is the AWOL Academy a scam?

AWOL Academy Review Scam.

Name: AWOL Academy


Price: $49 to $10,886


Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

AWOL Academy Overview.

AWOL Academy is the company that was founded by Kameron George and Keala Kanae, and their idea was to provide people with online business education and coaching platform where you can learn directly from their experience as online marketers on building Lead Pages, building email list, acquiring traffic, email-marketing and so on.

Their training does focus on how to build a website of your own and use it as a platform to advertise your offers. The AWOL academy is more about email marketing and building sales funnels with aid traffic, and as you all may be aware that this is something you need a reasonable investment to do.

The training begins with the Internet Income Explained package at $49 which provide you with the basics of internet Marketing and fundamental knowledge on how online sales processes and digital marketing works and how to scale your business.

The training end up with the Masters Academy package in which you are introduced to some of the greatest minds on money management, investing, strategic tax planning and more to help you continue building on your business success.

The whole training packages from Internet Income Explained, Pro academy, Inbox academy, Conversion academy, Traffic academy and Masters academy costs more than $10k.

The Good & the Bad.

The Good:

  • Encouragement through teaching and weekly success stories.
  • Weekly Live Webinars.

The Bad:

  • Expensive Price Tag on their online courses.
  • Having a coach who is mainly the salesperson not an actual coach.
  • They focus on paid traffic sources.
  • Not easy to contact the founders (owners).

Who is AWOL Academy For?

The AWOL Academy is the platform that provides training programs, tools and mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to start online business and pro online marketers wishing to move their business to the next level.

Their experience coupled with unique ability to distill complex strategies into simple and easy to follow principles equips you with the skills, knowledge and systems to conquer your career path to successful online business.

AWOL Academy Tools & Training.

The AWOL Academy platform offers six main courses for you to choose from. Here is a basic rundown of each course:

1. Pro Academy: Become a Pro Internet Marketer!

This course features step-by-step instructions on how to set up a sales funnel with your own website, conversion tracking system, lead-capture pages, email marketing campaigns, and more that will enable you to start generating traffic, leads, and customers for your business. Also, you will be taught the tools and resources that are recommended for you to use, such as domain registration, hosting, autoresponders and so on. The price for this program is $99.

2. Internet Income Explained: Learn the Basics Of Internet Marketing.

The course introduces you to the fundamental knowledge on how digital marketing and online sales processes works. There are 4 video modules discussing the business, marketing mind map, fast track formula, creating digital assets and how to scale your business. This program’s price is $49.

  3. Inbox Academy: Start making every email you send more effective.

Here you are being taught the secrets on how to sell through email marketing and the strategies involved in getting your subscribers to open and click on your promotions and offers and consume your content so that you maximize your potential with the least amount of effort. The program’s price is $447.

 4. Conversion Academy: Struggling to convert your leads into new customers?

This shows you how to integrate live presentations, storytelling, persuasive language, and more to create an irresistible desire within your audience that instantly drives them to take action on your products, services, and offers to your advantage. This program’s price is $1,797.

5. Traffic Academy: Got a high converting sales funnel and just need more leads?

The lesson shows you how to get more targeted traffic to your website with customers who are ready and waiting to buy from you as we all know that nothing happens in the online business until you can get high-converting traffic that is ready to buy to your website.

Within this course lie the secrets on how to generate a flood of website visitors that convert into loyal customers that directly impact your online business. This program’s price is $2,997.

6. Masters Academy: Masters Create Their Own Success.

This course provides the training on money management, strategic tax planning, and investments to help you continue to build on your online business and maximize your profits. This program’s price is $5,497.

AWOL Academy Support.

Once you join AWOL academy as a member by purchasing the AWOL 101 Coaching Package for $99 on the company’s website, you can then book a coaching call and get answers to any questions you may have. One of the AWOL academy complaints is the difficulty of communicating with the owner to solve the problems from the members.

AWOL Academy Price.

There is a wide range of courses to choose from depending on the individual needs of your online business The Company offers courses ranging in price from $49 to $5,497. You may want to check out my best work at home recommendation if the cost for these programs seems to be too high for your budget.

Also in AWOL Pro Academy for example you where you are taught how to set up your promotion landing page and email autoresponders for your sales funnel and the concept of tracking and split testing to maximize results.

To get all of this setup you are recommended the following three services as follows;

  • ClickMagick: Tracking system from $12 to $66 per month paid annually.
  • LeadPages: Landing page builder from $25 to $199 per month paid annually.
  • GetResponse: Email autoresponder starting at $15 per month.

These products and are essential to making money with a business like this but the price tag is something to think of especially for online marketers with low income. If these costs seem to be a big load for you I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you to try to see if it is for you.

My Final Opinion of AWOL Academy.

AWOL Academy is too expensive to me and that may be detrimental to your business but the founders would say their compact high quality training and mentorship they provide is worthy to that price.

But with consideration to the price charged, I would say their products and services are not for average people because you will have to invest a large amount of money to gain access to their training program.

AWOL Academy Alternatives.

Although there are plenty of online courses and free information on the internet to help you learn all about online Marketing, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for now and you can read all about it in my review.

Wealthy Affiliate is offering a free membership where you would have two free websites without spending a dime. Wealthy Affiliate provides training; website hosting and a great community where you can get your questions answered 24/7. Just click here and create your free account.

At Wealthy Affiliate there are two levels of membership, the first is the free membership that allows you to have two free websites that includes hosting and you have access to the first lesson so you can see what Wealthy affiliate is all about and how you can make your first dollar online.

The second option is a Premium membership that is very affordable at $19 for the first month and then goes to $49 per month after that, but if you can pay for a yearly membership the cost goes down to just $29 per month. This is the best deal you can find for any online marketing training platform.

AWOL Academy at a Glance.

Name: AWOL Academy.



Price: $49 to $10,886
Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100.


AWOL Academy appears to be a legitimate online Marketing platform that provides education and Mentoring for internet marketers. However, for me their courses seem to be too expensive as compared to other platform that offers similar online training programs.

Above all remember that there is no guarantee that you will make any significant income with your online business with the program so you need to be very careful when making decision on your online investment.

I believe that your questions like is AWOL academy scam, AWOL academy a legit, an AWOL academy scam and is AWOL academy legit and so on, have been answered. However, if you have a personal experience with AWOL academy and you would like to share with us here, I would love to hear your personal experience of the training and support you received even the challenges you went through. Thanks for your feedback; it greatly helps others out there.



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8 Replies to “Is the AWOL Academy a scam?”

  1. Hi,

    So, when I first landed on your article, and my eyes seen the $10,000 price tag for AWOL’s complete packages, I gasped! I said “what the hell!”. LOL!! That is very expensive and I believe they have alienated most people and kept their, I have no doubt excellent training, out of reach of the masses.

    However, the owners do deserve profits for their product, no doubt, just a shame they are very pricey! Ouch, I am glad I did not run into these guys when I first started a while ago. I may have been sucked in, just to fail, because I don’t have 10K lying around = YA KNOW! Sorry, just so stumped by the price.

    Is it me, or are they really over complicating the simple process of making money online? It ain’t that hard.

    Personally, Wealthy Affiliate showed me the process. Now I write my post and land it on page 1 – most of the time. If miss page 1 then I get tons of comments and then it lands page 1 – extra work – but when that one post can net your site evergreen traffic of about 500 visitors – it is well worth the effort! So I can back your recommendation to the hilt and anyone wanting to start may do so through this article.

    No credit card required to sign up for your free account which incidentally, was the one good reason that convinced me to join – I was sooooo broke back then. Not so much anymore due to your recommendation affordably educating me.

    Thanks for your review of AWOL, as I never heard of them before, and now I notice something else. Can you please answer this:- Does AWOL run an affiliate program?

    – Philip.

    1. Hi Philip!
      Thank you very much for your contribution. Apart from the solid training they provide still AWOL program seem to be so expensive keeping in mind that a big number of aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to start online business won’t have such amount of money to pay. As for your question if AWOL run affiliate program, the answer to that is YES and the cheapest package for that is $ 99 for 60% commission and the highest is the $17,997 package for 30% commission. Once again, thank you for your comment.

  2. Im already happy it is not another scam, as you see many around – the have easy money things -. However, it seems to be quite expensive for what it is. You have tried it before?

    1. Hi Emmanuel!
      Thanks for passing by and sharing your thought. Although they are not scam but their price is quite high as compared to other platforms that provide the same services. I have not tried it but I attended one of their webinar and enjoyed it but again the price made me change my mind. I was my pleasure chatting with you and you are welcome.

  3. Great post. I didn’t know this company was out there. After reading your information, I am curious about their training. But, like you said, it is very expensive..

    1. Hi Nancy!
      It is my pleasure having you here and thank you for the compliment. Yaah! if your pocket is good you can give them a try, Why not! But if you want something that is good and cheap too, then you can try my recommendation, after all you can start for free. All the best friend.

  4. Well researched content and informative. I wish you would purchase this dormain and own it and get ranked on google.

    1. Hi Oscar!
      Thanks for your time and compliment too. I am happy that you find the post helpful. It was my pleasure having you here and I hope to see your comments again on other articles as well.

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