About Me.

I am an electrician by profession with a wife and a beautiful daughter. I like to analyze things which in turn helps me not to fall into difficulties and unnecessary conflict. Also, I like watching movies, football matches and outing too. Above all, I spend enough time online and I guess that is why I am writing this to you now.

My short story.

I have worked as employee for more than 11 years and for all that time, I failed to attain financial freedom. Once all the money wrapped up before the end of the next month and so giving me a hard time. Given the situation I found myself living in debt and failing to save for my future life. I tried to change jobs from one company to another but after a while I realized that it was not a permanent answer to my problem.

Due to the fact that my monthly earnings failed to meet my expenses, I started to think how I can increase my income without leaving my job because I was not ready to stop working completely before having a sustainable alternative income to satisfy my family needs. I started to log on to Google and other searching engines searching for networking opportunities for doing business online. Unfortunately there are times when I meet people who are not honest who can make you believe that if you join them today then tomorrow you wake up with a steady dollar in your account which is always not true, so I ended up losing even the little I had.

I suffered a lot but on the other hand it helped me to learn my lesson. After being scammed for so long and trying different products eventually I encountered the network called wealthy affiliate which you can first join it frees for 7 days and if you are satisfied with their products and services you can continue with the training programs on how to build your business and succeed as online business owner. After 7 days if you are not satisfied with their products then you are free to abandon the training program without paying anything.

That’s how I started to learn how to build an online business from scratch and how to manage it until you can start realizing profit and from that moment my life changed completely. I was able to learn how to start any online business step by step what to me was a miracle that I had to wait for so long.

Why I Want to Help People.

I am a true believer of a saying that “when you help others you help yourself in a better way”. I remember even when I was at the college when I helped other students in solving different questions I was also learning myself more. Also, when you help others, you receive help too because no one knows everything so in a wide range we help each other through sharing our knowledge and experience. So this is a platform where at last we will be helping each other by sharing what we know and learning from others too. Above all, I believe that if not for the help I received from other people at some point on my way, I wouldn’t be here today so this is the time for me to give help to others and change their destiny.

My Mission with smartonlinemarketing.siterubix.com

After realizing that the problem of income that does not meet the expenses is quite big among the people in our society as it was for me and many people still have not realized that online marketing could help them to solve this problem and even those who desire for this opportunity still they don’t know where they can find reliable support, training programs and tools to make their dreams come true, smartonlinemarketing.siterubix.com has decided to help them achieve their goals so that they can live a better life.

We also believe that a number of problems in our society are caused by people failing to get their needs as a result of insufficient income, so if a good number of people can find financial freedom then our society will live a better life.

Lastly may I confess that online marketing is not for everyone, it’s for people who are ready to spend their time on the step by step training program to be equipped with all the information and tools required for their success online. It needs people who don’t give up easily before realizing their dreams and above all are prepared to wait even if it takes more than 6 months before they can start making money, even though it is possible to start making money sooner.

Thanks for your time. I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have. Remember every achievement started somewhere, who knows you can start yours with Smart Online Marketing today!

Let’s keep rolling.



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